Amazing duo at Seaworld Orlando.
by Mark Gummer
5 months ago    465 Views
Caught this over the holiday period in 2018 at Seaworld Orlando. Stand By Me/Beautiful Girl. Big shout out to the artists. Any idea who they are ?
Amazing Airbrush Artist
by Mark Gummer
8 months ago    4,386 Views
Check out this amazing airbrush artist who created a one of a kind t shirt for us in Orlando Florida
Rivers Of Light at Disney's Animal Kingdom
by Mark Gummer
8 months ago    892 Views
Back again and this time join us front and centre for a look at Animal Kingdom's amazing show "Rivers Of Light". From The Walt Disney Worlds website....
Mako Seaworld Orlando POV
by Mark Gummer
10 months ago    912 Views
Join us onboard the front row of Seaworld's 2016 Mako Coaster. Hitting highs of 200ft, 73 mph and dropping 200 feet Mako is one hell of a ride.
Anya’ 9th birthday Disney reveal from Alice in wonderland
by Mark Gummer
12 months ago    763 Views
A Disney holiday reveal with the help from family in Florida arranging Alice in wonderland to reveal the surprise.
Fall Of Atlantis at Caesars Palace
by Mark Gummer
1 year ago    654 Views
Join us front and center as we watch Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Nevada.
Footner Day 9. The Motherload
by Mark Gummer
1 year ago    1,191 Views
Just a quick update on the Footner Exfoliating socks. It's day 9 and we have hit the motherload of peeling. Sarah bathed her feet for 10 minutes and i..
Footner One Week Follow Up Gross Peeling.
by Mark Gummer
1 year ago    3,429 Views
Join Sarah as she keeps us up to date on the progress of the Footner Exfoliating Socks. Stay tuned until the end for extreme close up footage of the p..
Footner Exfoliating Socks
by Mark Gummer
1 year ago    5,384 Views
Something different from us today as Sarah takes you through the Footner Exfoliating socks application. Fed up of seeing paid for advertisements and w..
DJI Mavic Air Quickshot - Asteroid
by Mark Gummer
2 years ago    902 Views
A quick 10 second clip showing off the new DJI Mavic Air quickshot asteroid
Voyage to the falls, Niagara Falls
by Mark Gummer
2 years ago    485 Views
Join us on a Voyage to the falls in Niagara Falls Canada. On board of the Hornblower cruise we travel to the foot of the falls for a never to be forgo..
The Blues Brothers Show At Universal Studios Orlando
by Mark Gummer
2 years ago    7,343 Views
Our next video is a look at the Blues Brothers Show in Universal Studios Orlando Florida. Join us as Jake and Elwood Blues rock the house with the son..
Bryn Bach Park Time-lapse
by Mark Gummer
2 years ago    223 Views
A trial of the GoPro time-lapse setting on the Hero 5. Filmed in Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar, Wales. Shot at 1080p with the interval setting at 0.5
A walk around the North Tower 9 11 Memorial Pool
by Mark Gummer
2 years ago    364 Views
A walk around the North Memorial pool in downtown Manhattan. Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the attacks of September 11th 2001.
The Bellagio Fountains - Time To Say Goodbye
by Mark Gummer
2 years ago    644 Views
The Fountains of Bellagio is a daily show in Las Vegas. The show is every 30 minutes from 3pm to 8pm Monday through Friday and every 15 minutes from 8..
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