How craving attention makes you less creative | Joseph Gordon-Levitt
by TED
5 days ago    469,651 Views
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gotten more than his fair share of attention from his acting career. But as social media exploded over the past decade, he go..
The human skills we need in an unpredictable world | Margaret Heffernan
by TED
1 week ago    80,675 Views
The more we rely on technology to make us efficient, the fewer skills we have to confront the unexpected, says writer and entrepreneur Margaret Heffer..
How policewomen make communities safer | Ivonne Roman
by TED
1 week ago    33,468 Views
Less than 13 percent of police officers in the United States are women -- despite their proven effectiveness in diffusing violent situations and reduc..
Why governments should prioritize well-being | Nicola Sturgeon
by TED
2 weeks ago    57,911 Views
In 2018, Scotland, Iceland and New Zealand established the network of Wellbeing Economy Governments to challenge the acceptance of GDP as the ultimate..
An urgent call to protect the world's "Third Pole" | Tshering Tobgay
by TED
2 weeks ago    53,658 Views
The Hindu Kush Himalaya region is the world's third-largest repository of ice, after the North and South Poles -- and if current melting rates continu..
The real relationship between your age and your chance of success | Albert-László Barabási
by TED
2 weeks ago    177,893 Views
Backed by mathematical analysis, network theorist Albert-László Barabási explores the hidden mechanisms that drive success -- no matter your field ..
The architectural wonder of impermanent cities | Rahul Mehrotra
by TED
3 weeks ago    54,439 Views
Every 12 years, a megacity springs up in India for the Kumbh Mela religious festival -- what's built in ten weeks is completely disassembled in one. W..
How we can improve maternal healthcare -- before, during and after pregnancy | Elizabeth Howell
by TED
3 weeks ago    28,618 Views
Shocking, but true: the United States has the highest rate of deaths for new mothers of any developed country -- and 60 percent of them are preventabl..
The fundamental right to seek asylum | Melanie Nezer
by TED
3 weeks ago    30,602 Views
Refugee and immigrants rights attorney Melanie Nezer shares an urgently needed historical perspective on the crisis at the southern US border, showing..
The fascinating (and dangerous) places scientists aren't exploring | Ella Al-Shamahi
by TED
3 weeks ago    87,435 Views
We're not doing frontline exploratory science in a huge portion of the world -- the places governments deem too hostile or disputed. What might we be ..
The future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy | Rick Doblin
by TED
1 month ago    165,817 Views
Could psychedelics help us heal from trauma and mental illnesses? Researcher Rick Doblin has spent the past three decades investigating this question,..
What's at the bottom of the ocean -- and how we're getting there | Victor Vescovo
by TED
2 months ago    229,151 Views
Victor Vescovo is leading the first-ever manned expedition to the deepest point of each of the world's five oceans. In conversation with TED science c..
The lies our culture tells us about what matters --- and a better way to live | David Brooks
by TED
3 months ago    1,198,918 Views
Our society is in the midst of a social crisis, says op-ed columnist and author David Brooks: we're trapped in a valley of isolation and fragmentation..
How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time | Baratunde Thurston
by TED
3 months ago    409,951 Views
Baratunde Thurston explores the phenomenon of white Americans calling the police on black Americans who have committed the crimes of ... eating, walki..
Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or not. | Hannah Gadsby
by TED
3 months ago    435,354 Views
Hannah Gadsby's groundbreaking special "Nanette" broke comedy. In a talk about truth and purpose, she shares three ideas and three contradictions. Or ..
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