'Fempire': Ayesha Curry Surprises Twins with Life-Changing Opportunity
by TheEllenShow
3 hours ago    5,820 Views
Mom mogul Ayesha Curry surprises Carlissa and Laken, twin sister creators of Worldgirls – diverse dolls from all walks of life. Under the expertise ..
Julie Andrews Opens Up About Watching a Fake Orgy
by TheEllenShow
4 hours ago    14,203 Views
Julie Andrews opened up to Ellen about a wild scene from her movie "10," in which her director husband Blake Edwards invited her to watch an unbelieva..
Julie Andrews Tells Ellen Her Favorite Swear Word
by TheEllenShow
4 hours ago    15,156 Views
Ellen found out a little bit more about Julie Andrews by asking some revealing questions, such as what her favorite curse word is, and the hardest thi..
Ellen Adds Badly Needed Pizzazz to the Impeachment Hearings
by TheEllenShow
4 hours ago    4,824 Views
NBC News recently took a lot of heat for saying the impeachment hearings lacked “pizzazz,” so Ellen went ahead and added the much needed “pizzaz..
Ellen Sends a Fan on a Sam’s Club Holiday Shopping Spree!
by TheEllenShow
4 hours ago    7,722 Views
Ellen asked audience member Taya to go to a local Sam’s Club and pick up a few things for Ellen for the holidays using their new Scan & Go feature o..
Brie Larson Thought She Saw Fake Crocodiles While Running Wild with Bear Grylls
by TheEllenShow
4 hours ago    21,718 Views
Brie Larson tested her survival skills during an episode of "Running Wild with Bear Grylls," and confessed to Ellen that she wasn't fazed when she saw..
Adam Devine Plays The Game of THINGS… with Ellen Staffers!
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    35,752 Views
Join the hilarious Adam Devine as he plays an exciting round of The Game of THINGS… with Ellen Show staffers. Feel free to play along as each player..
Helen Hunt & Paul Reiser Play ‘Danger Word’
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    79,583 Views
“Mad About You” stars Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser teamed up with two audience members to play a messy game of “Danger Word”! #MadAboutYou #Dan..
Ellen Had to Be Reminded She Was in ‘Mad About You’ with Helen Hunt & Paul Reiser
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    217,569 Views
Paul Reiser admitted to Ellen he didn’t remember her guest role on the original “Mad About You” series, and Ellen confessed she didn’t recall ..
Ellen Reads Michelle Obama’s Personal Journal
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    46,900 Views
It’s been a year since former First Lady Michelle Obama released her bestselling memoir, “Becoming,” and now she has a follow-up, “Becoming: A..
‘Spill the Tea’: ‘The Bachelor’ Edition
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    205,926 Views
Ellen played another round of her game “Spill the Tea”! She brought back her favorite contestant, Carol, and invited “The Bachelor” stars Nick..
Ellen’s New Millennial Challenge After Rotary Phone Fail
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    297,647 Views
Ellen wanted to give a member of the younger generation a chance at redemption after a previous teen failed at using a rotary phone. She tested a 22-y..
'Let Me In So You Can Win!': Gates Family vs. Richardson Family
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    43,644 Views
Jon Dorenbos crashes a family game night in the first episode of “Let Me In So You Can Win!” The Gates and Richardson families love giving back to..
Audience Member Gets Soaked in Water Balloon Game
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    45,094 Views
Ellen and two audience members played a water balloon game and helped win a vacation at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas... for the entire aud..
Ellen Thinks Instagram Should Get Rid of This One Feature
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    72,389 Views
Instagram recently announced they're going to stop showing the likes on posts, but Ellen has a better idea of what the popular photo app should get ri..
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